Polyurea Coating Machine

basic information
Polyurea Coating Machine
Name      Polyurea Coating Machine 
Model     GYP-11/TYPE
Features and Applications  Hydraulic drive, automatic bias protection, dual-component independent heating system, compact and light, easy to move, application to coating and flow line production.Operating radius of 60 m
Main Data
Material Conveying Ratio (Volume) 1:1
Maximum Output Quantity 10kg/min
Operating Temperature 75℃
Power Supply Three-phase Four-wire
Maximum Output Pressure 24MPa
Total Power 18.6KW
Main Heater 1.2KW*4 pieces*2groups
Pipeline Heating Power 5KW
Compressed Air ≥0.7Mpa, 0.6m3/min
Weight 198kg
Dimensions (mm) 880*600*1180
Standard Configuration
One Host Machine Two Feeding Pumps
20m Heat Preservation Conveying Pipeline One Manual Spraying Gun
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